Materials & Assembly

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Taught by Professor Gerard Damiani


0001 (1)

Assignment 1: Exploded Axon of a bay of a building from a given section to understand the tectonics of construction

0001 (2)0002000300040005

Assignment 2: Make a code review for an unbuilt Le Corbusier building and make changes to meet the required means of egress according to the IBC (2012)

0001 (4).jpg0002 (2).jpg0003 (2).jpg0004 (2).jpg0005 (1).jpg

Assignment 3: Make detailed plans and exploded axonometric drawings of the Ed’s Shed designed by David Adjaye

0001 (3).jpg

0002 (1).jpg0003 (1).jpg0004 (1).jpg

Assignment 4: Make a code review and an exploded axonometric drawing of the New Media Center designed for studio.


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